Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 9, 2013

Hey everyone!

This last week has been pretty crazy! Starting Saturday it snowed like crazy, and now there is tons of it everywhere. Whoever said that it never snows in St. George, or that it is hot all year, is officially fired. But I am grateful that thus far all of the missionaries have been safe!

Saturday night it was pretty scary on the road, so after we went to a Ward Christmas Party at 6:30, we headed home, giving ourselves about an hour leeway because we needed to stop at the gas station to tank up. I drove super slow--about 20 miles per hour tops, and even that was kinda sketchy so I only did that on the most clear roads. And I took the back roads instead of going on the freeway. When we got to the gas station we started to pull in behind another car, but stopped because it was a bit uphill into the gas station and the other car started to spin out. For a couple of minutes there I was seriously afraid that we were going to get hit because it was spinning towards us and the wheels had zero traction. It all seemed to be in slow motion. Sister P..... asked if she should hurry and get out to back me up (mission rules, we cannot back the car unless there is a missionary outside to back us) but I was afraid that if she got out, the car would hit her, so I told her to stay there. The car was heading towards her side of the car, and there was one point where I almost told her to jump into the back behind me. But then the car stopped spinning and was able to come to a stop and pull forward into a parking space. All of that happened within probably 30 seconds. I am completely sure that there were angels there protecting us.

After that, I was scared to pull into the gas station but two YSA guys stopped next to us and pushed our car up, then went on their way. I am SO grateful that God sent those young men to us--I don't know what I would have done! And as our car was filling up with gas, we were able to return the favor and help push someone else out of the gas station. But the drama continued--two people parked in front of us as we were filling up, so the only way to get out was for Sister P..... to back me down the hill that we had gone up. I went as slow as possible, but the car wouldn't move unless I gassed it. Thank goodness when I did that it only moved a little bit at a time. Poor Sister P...... was so afraid that she would slip on the ice and the car would run her over. But again we were protected by those not within our sight :) There haven't been very many times in my life when I have prayed so fervently in gratitude for being alive as I did when we were pulling away from the gas station and heading home.

On a different note, I am so excited for this upcoming transfer! I am going to the other half of the Washington East stake, with Sister Ri..... Sister Po..ter just finished training her there, and guess where Sister Po..ter is headed? Huntington! Anyways, so I already know and love my new companion :) I think that I have unfinished business in Leeds--I felt like that even when they switched us to Coral Canyon, so I am grateful that I get to go back there now! Sister P...... is staying in Washington East 2 and getting Sister Al.... as her companion. And Sister He..... is headed out to Kaibab! That stake covers Colorado City, so she is pretty scared of seeing so many polygamists. But she will do great! And she is going to be in my zone so I will see her at ZTM! Happiness :)

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe week!
I love you so much!

--Sister Burner



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