Thursday, February 20, 2014

January 27, 2014
Hola familia y amigos!

I took some notes this last week, so hopefully I will be able to remember an adequate amount of things to write to you all this week!

Pey..n, our ten year old investigator, is so cute! We meet with her twice a week. On Monday, we asked her to pray about being baptized on February 15th. Then when we met with her again on Wednesday, we asked her how it went and she told us that she had prayed about it twice since we saw her but that she hadn't gotten her answer yet. But she really wants to be baptized :) Also, we had shown her how we mark our scriptures with different colors to mean different things, and then when we went back the second time she showed us how she had made a little color coding system in the front of her Book of Mormon, and she was super excited to show us that she had already marked two scriptures! Haha it was SO cute! I really hope that everything works out for her to be baptized the day after Valentines. That would be adorable.

We have been teaching a less active couple, Cr.... and Ma... (I think I told you last time about her having a seizure while we were there) since way back when I was in Leeds with Sister Pha....h. But they have never gotten up the courage to go to church! It has been driving us slightly crazy because we have tried everything we can to get them to church. They love meeting with us, and tell us that they really want to get back to church. Anyways, Cr.... finally went to church yesterday!! Ma... didn't go yet, but we were practically jumping up and down when we found out that Cr.... had gone! I consider that a huge success in my book :) He stayed for all 3 hours and apparently had a good time. We weren't able to go to his ward, but our Ward Mission Leader gave us an update at Coordination meeting. We also had 3 investigators attend that ward yesterday! Wahoo!

Cr.... and Ma... have been doing a lot better with reading the scriptures, but their comprehension isn't as great yet so we have been going over and reading with them every once in a while. This last week when we went Cr.... got off on a tangent about how we know that the Church must be true, he ended up saying something to the effect of, "There are only two true churches, Ma... Either you are Catholic, or you are LDS." Ummm I think we have a little more work to do!

The other day we had a lesson with Ju... in the middle of the day, but she called saying that she was too busy at work (we usually meet her at her work office during the day to have lessons), so we rescheduled to do it that evening at her house. When we got there she was somewhat of an emotional mess--work had been challenging that day. She runs a machine repair shop, which she took over when her husband passed away a few months ago. So when we went to see her, she was crying and said that that day had been one of those days that she just wished that her husband was there to show her how to do things. I have no idea how she figures out how to fix all kinds of machines--she is a tough woman! Anyways, she asked us if we could make our meeting short that night. We just read a chapter with her, but the Spirit worked miracles that night because by the time we left we had her laughing and smiling, looking completely peaceful and content, opposite from the state she was in when we came. God watches over His children! I'm glad that we could help her to feel better.

Our talks in 3rd ward yesterday went alright. Sometimes I just find it super distracting when it's so noisy in there! I feel like no one is listening. But the Spirit is always there, regardless of how many children are screaming. We spoke on "the Godhead," and of course I tied a little bit of missionary work in there, too. :)

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! I love you.

Sister Burner