Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 7, 2014
Hola familia y amigos!

What an amazing General Conference weekend!! I just can't seem to get enough of it. They spoke on everything that our investigators need to hear right now! I love how inspired Conference is. How amazing is it that twice a year we get to hear our modern day prophet and the 12 apostles speak?! Men called directly by the Lord to teach to the needs of the world as it is right now. It blows my mind! My favorite talks were by Elder Neil Anderson and President Uchtdorf (as per usual), but they were all incredible.
Sister So....s' birthday was this week! Thank you Mom and Dad for sending her a birthday package; she didn't get anything from her family, so it was nice that she still felt some family love on her birthday, even if it wasn't from her family. It was so fun all week just showering her with love and seeing members reach out and do nice things for her as well. I think that she really needed all of that :) She is an amazing missionary and an incredible daughter of God, overcoming a past that is far more difficult than what most people have.

We had an amazing lesson on the Law of Chastity this last week! We were a little bit nervous because it was with Ch....e (less active) and her boyfriend Ja....s, who have been living together for a while now. But it turned out really good! We taught by the Spirit and asked Ja....s to bear his testimony on Chastity. It was really neat and inspired...I think that some RM's just need to be reminded of what they preached on their missions, so they can have the boost and motivation they need to get back on track. Kindle the flame :) It's sad how many RM's I have met on my mission who are not living the things that they taught and saw miracles from on their missions. I don't understand it, and I hope and pray that I never understand that.
On Wednesday we had Mission Leadership Council (MLC). It's a six hour meeting held at the Mission Home. All of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders throughout the mission come down for it, and we receive training to present to our missionaries in Zone Training Meeting a couple of days later. It was neat to see a lot of the missionaries that I have known during my mission! At the end all of the missionaries who are there for the last time bear their testimonies, which was a little nerve wracking but it was neat :)

Well I need to head out, sorry to cut this short! I love you all :)
Sister Burner


March 31, 2014
Hola familia y amigos!

Ju...e finally got baptized!! WAHOO!! She went to Dr. Pi.....n over a month ago (2 months?) for drinking and she was successful with that, but she put off quitting smoking up until 2 weeks ago, and even for a week after going to Pi.....n she still smoked a cigarette or two every day (which is a miracle after what she was doing before, but still!). Anyways, she finally quit and got baptized on Saturday!! I was so excited! It has been a long, hard road for her but the Lord has blessed her so much. She asked me to give the talk on baptism, so I got to go and see her be baptized. It was really neat :) A long time ago (in December?) I had made her promise me that she would get baptized before I left, and I had forgotten about that--but I guess she hadn't because when I went up to congratulate her after the baptism, she mentioned that to me. The Lord works through small and simple things!
More updates on Leeds investigators--Ju....l is getting baptized this weekend!! I can't believe that one either! His wife thought it wouldn't ever happen, but have miracles ceased? I say unto you, Nay! Also, S....e got a letter back from the First Presidency saying that he can get baptized!! He had an interview with President Ce...r again yesterday, and everything looks good for the week after next! And Jo... will be baptized the week after that!

I wish that my area now was exploding like Leeds is, but we are on the "building up" stage. That's alright though--I feel like that has been the story of my mission, but I have been blessed to stay close enough that I can go back and see the people I have taught get baptized. Tender mercy :) They don't count for my numbers, but they count for the Lord.
I just love, love, love being a missionary! I am so grateful that Conference is coming up this weekend. What an amazing way to finish my mission, getting spiritual insights for my post mission life through the words of men that I sustain as prophets, seers and revelators.

I hope that everyone is doing well! I love you all!
Sister Burner

March 24, 2014
Hola familia y amigos!

We had a baptism this last weekend!! It was for this kid named Sh...n, who is 12. His family situation is super confusing, but basically his mom was a member but she died in childbirth and his dad is not a member, but he lives with his step brother (who is 9) at step brother's grandma's house, and she is an active member, so he has been coming to church for a while now. His dad comes to his lessons to "hear what his kid is learning," but he has slowly been being converted as well :) He doesn't live in our stake though, so we haven't been pursuing teaching him until we can find out who the missionaries who cover his area are. Sh...n is super intelligent. Way too much so actually! His dad didn't know much about the Gospel beforehand as we were teaching them, and Sh...n would go off about outer darkness or the second coming or who knows what all! Haha but it has been great teaching them. His dad wasn't there for this last lesson that we had before the baptism, so he had grandma ask us if he could reschedule with us so that he could get the last lesson as well (he is SO interested!! And not just on his son's behalf!). Milagros!! At the baptism, An...y (the dad) gave the closing prayer, but before doing so he took a moment to tell Sh...n how proud he was of him, and how he knows that Sh...n is doing the right thing and is on his way to becoming a very good man. An...y's prayer was amazing. He didn't use all of the thee/thou/thine's, but his prayer was definitely the prayer of someone who has been/is being converted to the Gospel.
Sh...n's ward was the ward where Sister So...s and I spoke about the Restoration and sang a musical number, which I was really excited about because there were several less actives and nonmembers there supporting Sh...n. And, I just love any opportunity I get to testify of the Restoration of the Gospel!!

I am growing to really love the members here in this area. They are all so sweet and supportive! Especially the St....n family. He is our ward mission leader in Sh...n's ward, and the whole family is just so great! We have FHE over at his house on Mondays and he invites all of the less active and nonmember families that we are working with in his ward. They have a daughter on a mission in Florida, and their 16 year old daughter, Co...y, is the one that sang with me on Sunday. They are just the neatest family! OH, and another one of our ward mission leaders, Bro, had us over this week for their daughter's mission call opening. They are a great family as well :) This area is just overflowing with amazing people! Did I mention that we ate dinner the other day with a lady who asked me, "Hey, since you are from you know a lady that goes by Grandma Donna?" Boy did that stun me for a second! "Um, that's my grandma. How do you know her?!" Small world! I guess their daughter is a good friend of Me...a. What are the chances of that?
Can you believe that it is already week 4 of this transfer?! Craziness. I feel like I haven't been with Sister So...s that long...although I guess I haven't really, because we have been going on tons of exchanges! We haven't decided for sure, but I think that I will be going back into Washington East (Leeds!) tonight and tomorrow, and then we'll be exchanging with Livirkin on Wednesday and Snow Canyon on Friday. And then exchanges should be done for the transfer :) Wahoo! It will be nice to stay put for the last two weeks of the transfer.

Well I love you all and I am so grateful for each of you! Have an amazing week!
Sister Burner

March 17, 2014
Hola Family!

I got to go on exchanges with my babies this week! After Zone Conference on Tuesday, I went back to Kaibab with Sister He.... We spent the night in Cain Beds, and then spent Wednesday working in Colorado City. It was intense! We stopped at Craigos Pizza for lunch, and the workers were these women that were wearing polygamist dresses (they look Amish) with aprons over them. I felt like I was back in the 1800's! Cool and sad at the same time. We had a couple of really neat lessons though! They aren't allowed to teach practicing polygamists, but they can teach the ones that aren't practicing.

Wednesday afternoon I came back and then Wednesday night we went on exchanges with Sister Ph.....h and Sister Bie..., so I got to spend Thursday back in Coral Canyon! It was really fun. We had a lesson with Le..., who we had taught when I was there but then since I left they have only been able to meet with her twice. Sad deal. She and her mom were both super excited to see me and in the opening prayer Le... said, "thank you that Miss Burner can be here again" cute right! And I realized that my hair was covering my tag, so she had just remembered my name! Adorable :) Also, we went to see Sister Smi... and she wasn't there so we went to contact a referral across the street. They pulled up to their house as we were knocking on the door, and their little girl (Al...e, who has special disabilities) said, "Mom, look, Sister Burner is back!" Ahhh I just feel so loved!
Tomorrow I will be going on my first exchange where I stay in my area, so I am a bit nervous! We cover 11 wards, and the people that we work with are pretty spread out all over the stake, so that is a lot of streets to navigate! But it should be good :) I'll be with Sister Don....n, and she will be patient with me. She's a sweetheart. I wish I knew my area better, but it's hard not being there all of the time. Sister So...s quizzed me on our maps the other day and I did really well, so at least I have made progress. I can get around within wards pretty well, but it's the getting to a specific ward part that is kind of a challenge.

Overall things have been going well! Just adjusting to my new area, my new companion and my new calling. I love it all so far though!
Have a fantastic week!
Sister Burner

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hola familia!

Week one of this transfer went so great! It was sad to say goodbye to Sister when she left on Tuesday. But, I was super excited to take her place being companions with Sister Sor...s! Sister Ri...a's new companion wasn't getting here until 6 on Tuesday so we were a trio for part of the day, which was fun! Sister Sor...s and I have been getting down to business pretty fast. We went to two ward council meetings on Sunday in addition to church and coordination meeting. As we've gone around to meet the Bishops, I've managed to get us two speaking assignments for March 23rd (I hope that Sister Sor...s doesn't hate me!). We also already went on an exchange--Friday night to Saturday night I went to Kanab with Sister Cisn...s, who is waiting for her visa to Brazil, and Sister Chi...n came to Washington Fields with Sister Sor...s. These first couple of exchanges I'm going to the other areas because I still don't know where things are in Washington Fields lol. I'm getting to know the area pretty fast though.

I'm really excited to get to know the sisters that we work with. We mostly just have the sisters in our zone, but we have two companionships from nearby zones as well. The other day one of our sisters texted us because she was having a really hard time with serving in the Visitors Center. She is Spanish speaking, so she didn't come down to the Visitors Center until her 6th transfer (same as me!) and she hasn't adjusted to it very smoothly. We went over and talked with her for a while (and took her ice cream) and I think that she is feeling better now. Poor thing! It feels really nice to be able to help sisters come to love missionary work more :) I just feel like I have all of this experience, and I have learned so much on my mission, and I want to use it to help other sisters! So basically I am just really grateful that I can be an STL for my last transfer. I just want to be able to do all the good possible while I am still here! I want to help everyone in every way I can, and make a positive difference in the lives of everyone around me. I wish there were about five more hours in a day!

Tomorrow is Zone Conference!! I am way excited. Afterwards I am going to Kaibab with Sister He...! Colorado City here we come! Not going to lie, I am a little bit excited to see all of the polygamists. No worries though, if Sister He... hasn't gotten stolen yet, I won't either ;) And I am also excited to have one more day with my mission daughter! I really wish that my camera was working!

Well, I hope that you all have an amazing week! Remember that I love you.

Sister Burner

March 3, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

This last week was so great! Sister Ri...a and I had tons of appointments, and many of them actually didn't cancel! Haha. It was fun being busy and running around from appointment to appointment. It makes us feel productive as missionaries. Tuesday we went and did a service project cleaning the temple (and they gave us lunch and let us go up in the top of the tower :) ), on Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting, and on Friday we went to Cedar City for a Spanish Zone Conference. Saturday we went to a baptism for the Coral Canyon sisters (Al...n and Pha...h). It was a man that both Sister Ri...a and I had taught while we were in that area, so it was really neat.
Here is a quote that I liked from Spanish Zone Conference:

"Introverts recharge their batteries by being alone. Extroverts recharge their batteries by being around people. Saints recharge their batteries by doing service." Isn't that so true? I've noticed lately that every time we get to do service--yard work mainly lately--I come away feeling so refreshed. I have found myself saying, "Sister Ri...a, wouldn't it be so great to go on a mission where all you do is go around serving people, all day?" She always tells me that that is what we do, but I mean like physical service :) But it's nice that she reminds me of that. I just want to make people smile though, and most of the day we get frowns from the people that we are serving spiritually, not smiles. But a couple of times a day we get a smile, which is nice :) Smiles from spiritual service are about a million times better than smiles we get from physical service.

We had been getting a lot of dinner appointments, so all Sister Ri...a and I got for food this last pday was things for nachos and sandwiches (we had a picnic with Sisters, Fro..t, and H..e after ZTM so that's why we got sandwich stuff...I still don't like gluten!) but then a lot of our dinner appointments didn't work out this last week, and we didn't have food to eat! Kind of unfortunate. So I had a muffin for dinner the last two nights but I only had time to eat a little one cuz they took a while to bake. So, moral of the story is--today we are going to make sure to actually buy enough food, just in case! Haha :)

I love you all so much! Please pray that everything goes well for me this next transfer--I am super excited, but it will probably also be pretty hard.

--Sister Burner

The Tabernacle!

Zone picture

February 24, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

This week went by so fast, I have no idea where it even went! And I know that this week will go even faster--our planners are already almost bursting with appointments for this week. It is going to be really good, I can feel it!

We spoke in Washington Fields 6th ward yesterday on the Plan of Salvation. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I've had lots and lots of practice on that one! Sister Ri...a and I broke it up so that she taught the first half (pre earth, creation, earth life, Atonement) and I taught the second half (death, spirit world, resurrection, 3 kingdoms). By the way, during weekly planning on Friday I noticed that I was coming close to the end of the Book of Mormon, so I set a goal to finish it before the end of the transfer but then after today I only have 11 pages I think I'm going to finish it way before the end of the transfer! Haha I guess I can get back to the New Testament after that. I'm almost done with that, and then I'm half way through the D&C...haven't really touched the Old Testament too much, but maybe I can finish the NT and D&C before my mission is up :) Happiness!

We had a neat lesson with La...y the other day. We planned to teach him the Law of Chastity (especially since he has a new online girlfriend...oyy) and then when we got there and followed up with him on his reading, he reminded us that we had given him a reading assignment for Baptism and Confirmation, which is what we had originally been planning to teach him the next time. OOPS! I had completely forgotten that--I have no idea how that just completely was gone from my mind. Well, actually I have an idea of how. Anyways, we told him that we would go over that next time, but this time we wanted to talk to him about the Law of Chastity. I've become pretty blunt with teaching that--we had a very spiritual yet bold lesson and it went great! At the end I asked him what he thought of the Law of Chastity, and he said, "You know, it's neat that you wanted to talk about that today. I've been thinking about that all week, and I think this is just what I needed to hear." Beautiful! Thank you, inspiration!

Cr...g is still doing great! He is on Mosiah 9 now--he has listened on audio up to Mosiah 26, but he is going back after he listens to it (he listens to it while driving ...he works for a towing company) and reading/studying it over. He is so great! He is also reading from the beginning with his wife, Ma..y, and trying to get her caught up. She is only on 1 Nephi 14 though. It's hard for her. We are praying that one of these days the same thing will snap in place for her that did for Cr...g! She has yet to come to church. Cr...g has dropped from smoking 3 packs a day to smoking 1 pack every 3 days. Not perfect, but getting there! I don't know if Mar..y has made any real progress with quitting. They weren't there when we stopped by one time this week, so I left a note (attached in the pic) on their porch table where they have their cigarettes. Cute? I noticed the next time that they had put the note up on their fridge where they can see it :)

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Hna Burner


We just learned this trick to teach faith...they have to have faith that this isn't going to burn their hand! The paper floats away before it burns you : )