Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 17, 2014
Hola Family!

I got to go on exchanges with my babies this week! After Zone Conference on Tuesday, I went back to Kaibab with Sister He.... We spent the night in Cain Beds, and then spent Wednesday working in Colorado City. It was intense! We stopped at Craigos Pizza for lunch, and the workers were these women that were wearing polygamist dresses (they look Amish) with aprons over them. I felt like I was back in the 1800's! Cool and sad at the same time. We had a couple of really neat lessons though! They aren't allowed to teach practicing polygamists, but they can teach the ones that aren't practicing.

Wednesday afternoon I came back and then Wednesday night we went on exchanges with Sister Ph.....h and Sister Bie..., so I got to spend Thursday back in Coral Canyon! It was really fun. We had a lesson with Le..., who we had taught when I was there but then since I left they have only been able to meet with her twice. Sad deal. She and her mom were both super excited to see me and in the opening prayer Le... said, "thank you that Miss Burner can be here again" cute right! And I realized that my hair was covering my tag, so she had just remembered my name! Adorable :) Also, we went to see Sister Smi... and she wasn't there so we went to contact a referral across the street. They pulled up to their house as we were knocking on the door, and their little girl (Al...e, who has special disabilities) said, "Mom, look, Sister Burner is back!" Ahhh I just feel so loved!
Tomorrow I will be going on my first exchange where I stay in my area, so I am a bit nervous! We cover 11 wards, and the people that we work with are pretty spread out all over the stake, so that is a lot of streets to navigate! But it should be good :) I'll be with Sister Don....n, and she will be patient with me. She's a sweetheart. I wish I knew my area better, but it's hard not being there all of the time. Sister So...s quizzed me on our maps the other day and I did really well, so at least I have made progress. I can get around within wards pretty well, but it's the getting to a specific ward part that is kind of a challenge.

Overall things have been going well! Just adjusting to my new area, my new companion and my new calling. I love it all so far though!
Have a fantastic week!
Sister Burner

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