Saturday, March 15, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

This week went by so fast, I have no idea where it even went! And I know that this week will go even faster--our planners are already almost bursting with appointments for this week. It is going to be really good, I can feel it!

We spoke in Washington Fields 6th ward yesterday on the Plan of Salvation. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I've had lots and lots of practice on that one! Sister Ri...a and I broke it up so that she taught the first half (pre earth, creation, earth life, Atonement) and I taught the second half (death, spirit world, resurrection, 3 kingdoms). By the way, during weekly planning on Friday I noticed that I was coming close to the end of the Book of Mormon, so I set a goal to finish it before the end of the transfer but then after today I only have 11 pages I think I'm going to finish it way before the end of the transfer! Haha I guess I can get back to the New Testament after that. I'm almost done with that, and then I'm half way through the D&C...haven't really touched the Old Testament too much, but maybe I can finish the NT and D&C before my mission is up :) Happiness!

We had a neat lesson with La...y the other day. We planned to teach him the Law of Chastity (especially since he has a new online girlfriend...oyy) and then when we got there and followed up with him on his reading, he reminded us that we had given him a reading assignment for Baptism and Confirmation, which is what we had originally been planning to teach him the next time. OOPS! I had completely forgotten that--I have no idea how that just completely was gone from my mind. Well, actually I have an idea of how. Anyways, we told him that we would go over that next time, but this time we wanted to talk to him about the Law of Chastity. I've become pretty blunt with teaching that--we had a very spiritual yet bold lesson and it went great! At the end I asked him what he thought of the Law of Chastity, and he said, "You know, it's neat that you wanted to talk about that today. I've been thinking about that all week, and I think this is just what I needed to hear." Beautiful! Thank you, inspiration!

Cr...g is still doing great! He is on Mosiah 9 now--he has listened on audio up to Mosiah 26, but he is going back after he listens to it (he listens to it while driving ...he works for a towing company) and reading/studying it over. He is so great! He is also reading from the beginning with his wife, Ma..y, and trying to get her caught up. She is only on 1 Nephi 14 though. It's hard for her. We are praying that one of these days the same thing will snap in place for her that did for Cr...g! She has yet to come to church. Cr...g has dropped from smoking 3 packs a day to smoking 1 pack every 3 days. Not perfect, but getting there! I don't know if Mar..y has made any real progress with quitting. They weren't there when we stopped by one time this week, so I left a note (attached in the pic) on their porch table where they have their cigarettes. Cute? I noticed the next time that they had put the note up on their fridge where they can see it :)

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Hna Burner


We just learned this trick to teach faith...they have to have faith that this isn't going to burn their hand! The paper floats away before it burns you : )

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