Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

This last week was so great! Sister Ri...a and I had tons of appointments, and many of them actually didn't cancel! Haha. It was fun being busy and running around from appointment to appointment. It makes us feel productive as missionaries. Tuesday we went and did a service project cleaning the temple (and they gave us lunch and let us go up in the top of the tower :) ), on Thursday we had Zone Training Meeting, and on Friday we went to Cedar City for a Spanish Zone Conference. Saturday we went to a baptism for the Coral Canyon sisters (Al...n and Pha...h). It was a man that both Sister Ri...a and I had taught while we were in that area, so it was really neat.
Here is a quote that I liked from Spanish Zone Conference:

"Introverts recharge their batteries by being alone. Extroverts recharge their batteries by being around people. Saints recharge their batteries by doing service." Isn't that so true? I've noticed lately that every time we get to do service--yard work mainly lately--I come away feeling so refreshed. I have found myself saying, "Sister Ri...a, wouldn't it be so great to go on a mission where all you do is go around serving people, all day?" She always tells me that that is what we do, but I mean like physical service :) But it's nice that she reminds me of that. I just want to make people smile though, and most of the day we get frowns from the people that we are serving spiritually, not smiles. But a couple of times a day we get a smile, which is nice :) Smiles from spiritual service are about a million times better than smiles we get from physical service.

We had been getting a lot of dinner appointments, so all Sister Ri...a and I got for food this last pday was things for nachos and sandwiches (we had a picnic with Sisters, Fro..t, and H..e after ZTM so that's why we got sandwich stuff...I still don't like gluten!) but then a lot of our dinner appointments didn't work out this last week, and we didn't have food to eat! Kind of unfortunate. So I had a muffin for dinner the last two nights but I only had time to eat a little one cuz they took a while to bake. So, moral of the story is--today we are going to make sure to actually buy enough food, just in case! Haha :)

I love you all so much! Please pray that everything goes well for me this next transfer--I am super excited, but it will probably also be pretty hard.

--Sister Burner

The Tabernacle!

Zone picture

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