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December 16, 2013

Hola familia y amigos!

So I have an interesting story for you! When I was in Bloomington Hills, I was talking to someone about my gluten allergy and they suggested that I should go to this doctor, Dr. Pi......n because his specialty is curing allergies. They gave me a card and everything, but I just disregarded it. Anyways, so when I came to Coral Canyon I noticed that one of our bishops' names was Bishop Pi.....on, so I kinda wondered about that...and then after this transfer started, Sister Ri....a told me about how she had gone to Dr. Pi.....on, who was that bishop, and he had cured her of a meat allergy. So she pushed me into making an appointment with him today. Anyways, so we went this morning and it was one of the neatest experiences I have had in a while!

His whole field of study is so interesting. He studied under some research scientist about electromagnetic fields, which science has known for about 100 years has existed around each being. But he said that Joseph Smith knew before that--the electromagnetic field that science has discovered is evidence of how everything is created spiritually before it is physically. Anyways, so his work is kinda like magnets--he works with allergies in the body to make them like a positive to a negative magnet, instead of being like two positives facing each other, which creates repulsion.  Which is what the body does to reject an allergen. Anyways, so he had me lie down on my back with a vial of a substance in one fist, and then raise the other hand above my head facing away from me. He would push on that hand and I would resist, but if I was allergic to the substance in my other hand, my arm would become weak and I wouldn't be able to resist. Anyways, he did it with a few different substances, telling me what they were afterwards. I was able to resist Calcium, Vitamin C, citrus, and chicken/eggs/feathers, but when he put the gluten one in my hand and pushed my outstretched arm down, it shot down like a rock. I was like, "Wait! I don't know what just happened!" Haha he tried it one more time, and again I couldn't resist at all. It was super trippy! Anyways, he's trying to cure it now so he did something to adjust my electromagnetic's hard to explain, but I had to have the gluten vial touching my fingertips, and then he ran a pulse thing down my spine.

Other neat thing though, he said that when he was researching and studying from the neuroscientist lady, he asked her why it had to be touching the fingertips, and she said that all energy is conducted through the fingertips. Like the Spirit working through the laying on of is done by touching the fingertips to the person's head. Also, after sending the pulses down the spine, he had to put this vibration thing against certain pressure points in the body: middle arm, between the thumb and pointer finger, between the first two toes, and the ankle. But the scientist explained to him that it doesn't need to be done to children under eight because for some reason their magnetic energy is already in balance...I wonder why it changes at age eight. Anyways, it's hard to explain everything, but it was so fascinating! Basically, all truth comes from our Heavenly Father, so it all connects. Science just more and more proves things that God has already told us. After this life we are probably all going to look back and marvel at how infant our knowledge was in comparison to God's knowledge!

So I have this vial of gluten taped on my shoulder that he said needs to be there for 24 hours, and then next time we will test out gluten. I'm a little scared of that, but he is a bishop so I know I can trust him, plus he has a doctorate in this stuff and has cured all kinds of allergies, not to mention that he is has cured gluten allergies hundreds of times. : )

This weekend is Be.....'s baptism!! I am so excited! I hope that everything goes well with it...we are going to invite our investigators to it as well :) Wahoo!

I am looooving being full-proselyting! My companion is so great, we have full study time each day, we get to go to the wards we cover for church every Sunday, we live in our area, we don't have to worry about appointments clashing with time that we are in the Visitors Center...everything is just so great! I am loving it. And we are working hard to set up lots of appointments so that we keep ourselves busy. Especially since there is still tons of snow outside! I am hoping that that will go away soon.

I can't wait to see/hear you all next week! Ahhh can you believe that Christmas is so close? And that it is my second Christmas on my mission?! Weird, right?

I love you all so much!

--Sister Burner


Who just happens to have an unused toaster in their new apt?! ME!! I can toast my gluten free bread instead of accidentally burning it in the oven! Tender mercy!!!!!!


 After transfer meeting at the vc.


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