Monday, December 31, 2012

(Notes from Christmas Day phone call)
*They had 2 baptisms on Saturday, Dec. 22nd. A 9 yr old girl, and a 13 year old "golden" boy were baptized. Hermana Burner was able to play the piano at both baptisms.
*There is a mobile home park that houses mostly spanish speaking people. There is a part-member family that lives in one of the mobile homes and does not speak any english. Hermanas Chase and Burner were walking past their mobile home when the couple came out and called for them to come quickly. They were on the phone trying to handle a problem with the phone company, and were not able to communicate with them due to the difference in language. Hermanas Chase and Burner went inside and were on the phone taking care of the problem for them for about 1 1/2 hrs. Prior to this the non-member wife of the member-husband would always avoid the missionaries and not talk to them. She apologized for doing that.
*Hermanas Chase and Burner were at a dinner appointment where salmon was being served. Neither of the missionaries is fond of salmon, but Hermana Chase dislikes all seafood. She took the smallest piece she could find, and cut it up and spread it around on her plate. Hermana Burner's strategy was to take the smallest "burnt" piece of salmon and eat it.
*P-day schedule:  Personal study time, exercise, etc.--- end at 10 a.m.
Check for mail at the post office
E-mail home
Get the shopping done
Write letters
*Their district consists of: Castledale (2 elders), Price (2 elders), and Huntington (2 sisters)
*Out of the 7 wards they are assigned to, 3 of the Bishops' are Guymons (Jeff, Darcy, and Ray) 
*There are 4 wards in Huntington, 2 wards in Cleveland, and 1 in Elmo.
*Everyone there is a "Jensen" or a "Guymon" and is related to each other. 
*When asked what peope did for a living there, Hermana Burner said that there are alot of coal miners.  In Elmo, there are alot of farmers (wheat, cattle, etc.).

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