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Monday, December 10, 2012
Hola Familia!
Well, I guess my parents already know, but to everyone else-- my first area is called Huntington, which is up towards the Northeast corner of my mission. It is pretty cold up here! Besides Huntington, we cover some nearby towns called Cleveland and Elmo (yes, Elmo. As in Tickle Me).  I think 7 wards in all.  I have seen more cows than people here... as well as some pigs and sheep.  There are no stop lights in my area, although we do have a few stop signs.  There is a grocery store, but we haven't had the opportunity to go there yet.  Apparently it's pretty pricey since it's the only store within 45 minutes of us.  I'm not sure what the selection will be like, but we are trying to find a ride to Price (45-60 minutes away) today so that we can go to Walmart.  I've just been eating the mashed potatoes that Mom and Dad sent me, and a can of refried beans that my companion had.  Last night was a huge tender mercy because we ate at a member's house where the wife was gluten free as well, so I got to eat an entire meal! It's wonderful how the Lord can make a simple meal seem so glorious.  I had so much more energy this morning than I have had all week.
Sister "S" (the gluten free member) also sent me home with some lasagna for lunch today (we had chicken and rice last night), and some rolls that I ate for breakfast. How sweet!

I got to challenge my first person to baptism on Saturday night! She is a 9 year old whose parents are having her take the lessons because she wants to be baptized, so it was pretty easy but I felt like it was a little milesone nonetheless.  This area is so productive right now, with lots of baptims coming up and investigators to teach.  I am so blessed to have my first area by so fruitful.  Sometimes I feel like I am learning just as much from our investigators as they are from me; they are so humble, kind, and teachable, all of which are qualifities that I can improve on.

Yesterday we spoke in one of the Huntington wards, so I already got the first talk of my mission out of the way!  It was on the mission of Christ, so I got to do a lot of research and study some amazing scriptures about Christ in preparation for my talk.  I ended up having to leave out half of my talk when I was speaking, though. I felt like the first fifteen minutes were up before I started; I glanced up at the clock for the first time and was shocked that I only had five minutes left! Poor Sister Chase wasn't left as much time as she planned for (it was just the two of us speaking yesterday).  But I guess it is better to have too much to say than not enough!  Although I guess not having enough to say lets the Spirit speak more. Regardless, I feel like it went well, all things considered.  I'll send you a copy of my talk in my next snail mail letter :)

The Mission President asked everyone to have their mail sent to the mission office, and then they forward it to us.  Sister Chase said that sometimes she gets her mail in little batches, so sorry if some of my responses are delayed! But I will love, love, love to get letters anyways!

Most of our teaching has been in English, although we have been able to contact a few people in Spanish.  At dinner last night, one of Brother "S's" hispanic employees named Benny was there, and Benny said he wants us to come teach him, so I will probably have the opportunity to teach in Spanish soon! Sister Chase's spanish is really good, thank goodness. So it should go fine :)

My companion and I live in a house, which is pretty nice.  The basement isn't finished, so we just do laundry down there, but the upstairs is plenty spacious.  I'll have to send you some pictures sometime.  Sister Chase's mom sent us a box full of decorations (she even sent me a stocking, isn't that sweet?) so our house looks all Christmasy.  It makes me happy!  Oh, and one of the bishop's wives made us an advent calender, and another gave us a 3ft artificial christmas tree with lights on it.  The members are so generous!

I love you all so much!
Con amor a los cielos,
Hermana Burner 

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