Friday, December 28, 2012

Mis Padres,

Thanks for giving me updates on people's missions! That is so fun to hear about.  Sorry if my e-mail/letter today is a little muddled---I have this head cold thing going on and I am not completely sure if I am making any sense at all.

I know it's going to be pretty different for all of us to not be together for Christmas this year, so I thought I would share some thoughts with you that have been helping me:

*"Know that to others, [missionaries] are angels with a message from our Heavenly Father."
   -- Cheryl Esplin, Gen. Primary (RS meeting in MTC)

*"Don't waste time---we only get this chance once."
  --Bradley D. Foster (Tuesday Devo at MTC)

*DECIDE to be happy

*"Jesus saught me when a stranger" (from Come Thou Fount) -- God is seeking people, through missionaries.

Part of the Christmas message we have been sharing with others is inviting them to think about what gift they can give to Christ for Christmas this year-- Time? Love? Service? Church attendance? This year, this Christmas, I am blessed to be giving others the second greatest gift that I can give.  And as I give it to others, I am little by little giving myself to Christ.

I love you both so much.

Thanks for giving me the two greatest gifts that you can give.

With love,
Your daughter

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