Friday, December 28, 2012

December 17, 2012
Hola Familia!
So I'm just going to answer questions first, and then I will tell stories :)
--My first baptisms are this Saturday.
--It is really cold here! But we are doing fine. Thank goodness my companion is from California, so she likes being warm just as much as I do!
--Our wards here start at 9 and 11, so we go to Sacrament/Sunday School for the first one, and then leave a bit early to go to all three hours of the 11 o'clock one.  We pick which ones we go to depending on where our investigators are. 
--I don't know what our plans are for Christmas yet, but my mission president sent out a letter saying that he changed his mind about letting us Skype.  So, we will just have to talk on the phone I guess. But in case he changes his mind again, you should take one of your laptops with Skype installed on it to Utah with you because I don't think Grandma or Avery have webcams.
--I will try to send pictures soon! I haven't been so good at taking pictures since I've been in Huntington, but I am trying to be better.
Rumors/news spread super fast around here, since it is such a tiny town! We called a lady the other day to confirm our dinner appointment, and when we mentioned that I am gluten free, she said, "Yes, yes, I already heard that at Pilates this morning." So the members have been so good at making me gluten free dinners. Lots of potatoes, but last night we had stir-fry on rice, and they had gotten gluten free soy sauce for it. So I think the hard part is behind me!
Also, the other night a member gave us a gift bag full of candy, a pineapple, and a fruit platter.  PLUS, the Mormon Tabernacle choir with David Archuleta CD!! When my companion and I opened the bag that night and saw the CD, we started jumping up and down, we were so excited! We hve been listening to it nonstop in car ever since.  I am so glad that my companion and I have things like that in common because I am pretty sure I would drive some other sisters crazy.
We have been trying to utilize Christmastime in our missionary work as much as we can.  Usually we only teach non-members, but we have been giving 15-20 minute Christmas messages to less active and active menbers as well, and it has proven really productive-- we have gotten so many referrals out of this! And is just feels nice to work with less activies a bit because they need spiritual upliftment as well.  A lot of our referrals have come from less actives, actually!
I just love, love, love Christmas time! I love driving by homes with Christmas lights, having lights and wreaths decorating the lamp posts on Main Street, listening to Christmas music, sharing messages about Christ...everything! And I get to play the piano for District Meetings, which gives me a little time to play Christmas songs on the piano.  Even the snow makes me a little happy. I get to have my first White Christmas this year!
It's odd to think that you all will only be about 2.5 hours away from me when you get to Salt Lake for Christmas.  Be we will be together in Spirit--I get to call you that day, and I will probably be thinking about you all often throughout the rest of the day as well.
I love you all so much, and hope you are having a Merry Christmas!
Con amor a los cielos,
Hermana Burner

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