Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 15, 2013
Hola familia y amigos!
I have tons to tell you all but my keyboard is being lame so hopefully I don't give up part way through. If sentences are rather short, that is why!
My birthday was so fun! I made a smoothie for breakfast with some strawberries, bananas and this super healthy orange juice that I had found at the store the day before (it had like 12 different vitamins in it! Awesome!) so that started the day off perfectly! We had DTM and my district leader, Elder Ch......, wrote "Happy Birthday Sister Burner" across the top of the chalk board. And I got to play the piano :) In our area, we talked to this less active couple and they asked us to teach them because they really want to come back to church. And we left a cute post it with a sweet message on it on a lady's door who had been all grumpy with us the day before...kill them with kindness! Haha I felt kinda sneaky. We had VC in the evening which was perfect because there are always more people there in the evenings! Aaand I was standing right at the front desk when in walks Br....... P......... with his adorable little brother and sister, one of which was holding a bag with mint chip ice cream and the other was holding a birthday cake that had a note on it that said, "Gluten free." How cute is that! Haha Br....... told me that my mom had said I wouldn't eat the cake unless it had a note on it saying that it was gluten free. My mom knows me very well :) It was just a fantastic day overall! Plus I got a package from Aunt Lisa in the mail that day, as well as a few birthday cards from members of our ward back in Chico. Beautiful!
Thursday we had companion exchanges, so I got to be with Sister Dav.... for a day! It was super fun, especially since she speaks Spanish. Not to mention that she is super nice and just a fun person to be around! We had an amazing first lesson with this teenage girl named Han...... We read 2 Nephi 31 and had an amazing conversation about how Han...... has felt the spirit in the past, especially when she went to Girls Camp. Wahoo! We were supposed to have another lesson with her last night, but she wasn't feeling good and had already gone to bed (it was at 8). But we gave a Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet to her mom to give to her, which I am hoping her mom might end up reading as well!
Friday night we went to visit this man named St.....e. I can't remember if I have already told you how we met him...but a couple weeks ago we passed each other on the sidewalk, and I turned around and started a conversation with him about Joseph Smith as we walked him up to his house. We have been trying to catch him ever since, with little success. Until Friday!! He invited us in and we had a nice chat, which ended up turning into us teaching him the Restoration. We invited him to church on Sunday and set up an appointment for yesterday. Well, guess what!! He was at church! And we had our lesson with him last night and it went amazing. We recapped the Restoration and taught him the first half of the Plan of Salvation, after which I brought up baptism and invited him to be baptized on November 9th. He said Yes!! He also said that he believes that God sent us to him. How sweet :)
Sunday we spoke in the Mid-Singles ward in Washington. We agreed to do it since it's still in our stake and some of the members are in Leeds, so it would be good to get them all excited about doing missionary work up there. Anyways, of course we had the whole program to ourselves. So Sister Pha...... was a little nervous. But I helped her prepare her talk, and had her go first so I could just fill in whatever time was left. Well, when we got there we learned that they didn't have a pianist there that day, so I ended up filling in for that...prelude, opening hymn, sacrament hymn, rest hymn, closing hymn, and postlude. Oy. It turned out okay :) Kinda crazy going straight from the piano playing the rest hymn to the pulpit to speak! But it worked out. Passing the sacrament ended by 1:15 and my companion spoke for 12 minutes, so I ended up giving a 35 minute talk. Thank goodness for the Spirit!
Well my time is up, but know that I love you all and I am so grateful to have you in my life!
Sister Burner


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