Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 11, 2013
Buenos dias, familia y amigos!
Lots of things happened this last week!  Definitely the most exciting part was mission conference.  The night before, we had another sister (she is serving in Kanab) named Sister Don...... spend the night with us.  They came early so that it wasn't such a long drive for them the next day.  We picked her up before dinner and she stayed with us the rest of the night.  Oh, and we had an amazing lesson with Ann....... that night!  We met her at the VC with one of her fellowshippers, Sister Mor...... and watched the Joseph Smith movie.  The Spirit was super strong, and she bore her testimony as well as saying the closing prayer (that was the first time Sister He..... and I had heard her pray). She is so ready to be baptized!  The bishop met with her son yesterday so hopefully he will be able to baptize her within a few weeks.
The next morning we got up at 3:15 to get ready and leave by 4:25.  Our zone and central zone road in the same bus.  We slept a little bit on the way, and we got to Salina around 8.  It was really weird to be back there and see all the places that I am so familiar with from serving there!  The conference didn't start until 9, so we had a little time to see people from other parts of the mission before sitting down and reading our scripture in preparation for the conference to start.  We all stood up, of course, when Elder Bednar came in.  Also with him were his wife, Elder and Sister Clayton from the Presidency of the 70, the mission president and his wife (of course), and some other regional/area authorities that I don't remember the names of.
Sister Bednar, Sister Clayton, and Elder Clayton each had turns to speak for a few minutes before Elder Bednar started.  It was so neat!  It was more of a big discussion than just him talking to us.  We discussed the talks that we had read before the conference, how to follow the Sprit, inspired questions, etc, and then he had a little question/answer session.  I was too chicken to say anything, but I was absorbing everything all I could :)  Afterwards, they all lined up and all of the missionaries got to walk by and shake their hands. (Ahhh!!!) He said that they didn't want any talking going on though, so sorry Grandpa I couldn't tell him "hi" for you! He did look at my tag and say my name as I shook his hand though-- the people around me told me later that they were super jealous of that! Kinda made me feel special.
We got a mission picture with him as well, but they haven't emailed it to us yet.  Everything was pretty rushed, so nobody got a chance to take any other pictures.  I got a couple on the bus to send to you though!
Sister He.... and I spoke in 4th ward on Sunday.  Both of our talks turned out so good! I spoke last and had about 20 minutes to fill, but the timing was perfect.  Just when I had finished everything that I had wanted to say and bearing my testimony, I looked at the clock and it was 10:05.  Sweet! Our topics were "missionary work."  I started my prep for my talk by reading the section on our purpose in Preach My Gospel (page one).  I decided to go off of that --on page two it mentioned 2 Nephi 2:8, which I compared also with Alma 34:32, saying that we prepare to meet God by applying the Atonement to our lives.  In PMG it says that as we learn more about the Atonement, it strengthens our desire to share the Gospel.  I didn't summarize that very well.  But trust me, it was amazing :) I feel like that was the best talk I have ever given! Maybe if I have time I will write it out and send you a copy.  But the best part was that I was not nervous one little bit! I just got up there and felt so comfortable speaking.  The mission does great things!
After Sacrament meeting, one of the Bishop's daughters, Ma...., came over and gave me a big hug around my middle (she is 21 but she is quite a few inches shorter than me).  She has down-syndrome and considers me her celiac buddy (she is gluten free as well).  It melted my heart a bit when she wouldn't let go of me and she said, "Sister Burner, you are my favorite missionary!" It was sooo cute! I'll have to get a picture with her before I leave so that I can send it to you.
Today we went and spent some time cleaning the temple--just doing laundry stuff this time.  But afterwards they let my companion and I go up into the tower! That was pretty neat.   We also got to walk around on the balcony up there and see one of the apartment rooms that are on the 5th floor of the temple.
Well my time is pretty much out but know that I love you all sooo much!
--Sister Burner

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