Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 8, 2013
Hola familia y amigos
.....Yesterday was kind of crazy.... I had accidentally assigned rides/dinners to both wards for next Monday, and neither for yesterday! So Sunday we called some of the people and had them move the date up.  It all went smoothly : ) But then about 10 minutes before our shift at the Visitors Center ended yesterday morning (it ends at 3, and our ride was picking us up at 3:30), Sister Cen....... (the mp's wife) texted us and asked if she could go out with us that night.  So we called our ride again for that night and canceled with her.
We didn't have much time in our area before dinner but we got to contact two people before we had to start walking over to our dinner appointment (our ride dropped us off in Leeds so we went from there by foot).  Guess what our dinner had?!  Gluten free Domino's pizza with pepperoni and olives!  I seriously thought for a second that they must have called and asked someone I know what to feed us.  It was so yummy! And they had Canadian bacon/pineapple normal pizza, which Sister Pha...... happens to like.  So it just was enjoyable overall!
After dinner, Sister Cen..... picked us up and we had an appointment with Hay.....  Which was aaamazing!  We taught her the Plan Of Salvation, and we covered the 10 Commandments as well, during "earth life."  We couldn't have had a better lesson--we followed up on her commitment, used How to Begin Teaching points from PMG, gave an overview, had a prayer, used visuals for PoS and the hand signals for 10 Commandments, bore testimony and promised blessings, had great participation and asked some inspired questions, gave her an age-appropriate PoS worksheet for her commitment as well as committing her to go to church, said a kneeling closing prayer, scheduled another appointment and asked for referrals.  And Sister Pha....... and I traded off pretty well on the teaching : )  It was so good!  We did everything that we are supposed to do in a lesson.  Perfect lesson for the mission president's wife to listen in on!
After that we went to visit some less actives and potential investigators.  We had good experiences with all of them-- we got in houses, scheduled appointments, and invited people to an activity that is coming up.
Huge sigh of relief!!
Conference was great as well; it always goes by way too fast!  We got to watch most of it, although at the Visitors Center we had to take turns being out on the floor (they had conference showing in the big theater in the middle of the VC) so we missed a few talks that we'll have to catch up on later.  Saturday morning session we were able to go watch with Hay....., her sister and her grandma!  That was way fun.  And we had a nice little lunch with them afterwards as well : )
Well, my time will soon be out--but thank you to those of you who sent me birthday letters, e-mails, and packages!  You are the best!
I love you all!
--Sister Burner

Mission Temple Day at St. George!
(Hermana Burner- front row, third from right)
September 25, 2013


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