Friday, August 2, 2013

July 23, 2013
Hola familia y amigos :)

I'm still keeping up my Spanish! The other day a hispanic lady brought in her nonmember family that was visiting her from Mexico, and she was so excited to have them get a tour of the visitors center. She wanted them to see EVERYTHING. We started in the annex, and I told them everything about that, and then we went in and they looked at the BoMs in different languages, and then I explained our temple display that has pictures of different rooms in the temple...then they insisted on watching 8 little mormonAds on these little screens in that room. They wanted to see God's plan for the family, but there were people in there, so I showed them the Savior of the World room with all of the paintings of Christ. Then finally I got them in God's plan for the family. After that they wanted to hear the Christus, so I played that...and then they were finally satisfied. But oh my goodness, it took over an hour, and within that hour was what was supposed to be my dinner time, so while they were looking at the Savior of the World room I ran to the break room to grab a few bites, and then again when they were in God's Plan I went back to eat a little more before I had to go back to close was just craziness! Haha my dinner was sitting on the break room table for a long time. But that's okay. Good Spanish practice, and the nonmembers in the family seemed pretty receptive.

Zone Conference was last Thursday. It was just our zone and the Cedar zone, but both of those zones are so huge! Or maybe all of the zones in the mission are huge now that they have added so many new missionaries. I don't know. It could just be that there is a higher concentration of missionaries in the St George area, so the zones are bigger. Anyways, it was really fun! I accompanied the special musical number, which Sisters Bar....., Gui...., Du...... and Ki...... sang. It was nice to be a part of the special musical number without being the main focus :) I think that everyone did a really good job.
Ann...... is doing really well. She had been praying to find a job, and she finally found one! Started yesterday. I hope it works out. She has terrible back pain, but the job is mostly sitting so I hope that it is's better than standing at least! Anyways, she stayed for all 3 hours of church even though Sister He...... and I could only stay for the first two (we had to get to the visitors center). My mission president and his wife came to church with us, and they stayed for Gospel Essentials as well. It was neat that they picked to go to 6th ward with us because that just happened to be where our investigator was, so we all got to sit together. And Ann...... was telling them about how "wonderful" Sister He...... and I are, so that made us look good :) Ann....... is so great!

Hope everything is going well for all of you! I love you so much!

--Sister Burner

Making tortillas during DTM.

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