Friday, August 2, 2013

July 16, 2013

Hola familia y amigos!!

This was a pretty good week! Still no new investigators, but we are working on it. It rained a few times, which cooled the weather down a bit so tracting wasn't so bad. Haha one day my companion and I were sweating so bad that we had to go home and completely change our clothes before going to our shift at the Visitors Center! But hopefully God sees that we are willing to work hard, so He will bless us with more people to teach soon!

One evening we had a member drive us around for a bit to save miles and have better fellowshipping, but she had to leave early, so she dropped us off at the Visitors Center around 8pm so that we could get our truck and drive back to our area. We noticed when we got there that there was a sprinkler outside going bezerk and spraying directly at the front window of the VC (the entire front area has windows from floor to ceiling). When we got inside, we noticed that there was a puddle forming on the carpet next to the window, so we let the other sisters know (luckily there wasn't any visitors there at the time) and soon we had pulled the chairs away, I had found some towels in the break room to soak up the water, and Sister Ey........ emptied out a trash can and bravely went out and put the trash can over the sprinkler to stop it from spraying. Sister Gui........ put a folding chair over the trash can to keep it in place. But it was still flooding the area between the grass and the window, so someone found a bunch of buckets and about five of us went out there, took off our shoes, and were scooping water away from the window and throwing it out onto the grass. Sister Bre.......s eventually figured out where the control was and shut off the sprinkler. It was a little crazy! A senior sister had called security when we first noticed the puddle, but there was some sort of medical emergency at the temple, so they couldn't come (an ambulance rushed by with its sirens on a bit later).

I got pictures, but the sister I handed my camera to didn't get any good pictures with me in can only kinda see me in one of them. But it was kind of a fun little adventure for the night :)

Another funny moment--Well, first some background information. We get a ton of tour buses coming to the visitors center, but sometimes they just stop and take pictures of the temple without coming into the Visitors Center. When they don't come in, we call it a "drive by." Well, there is a senior sister from LA that didn't know this, so one day a sister said something about there being a drive by, and this sister dropped everything and dove for cover under the front desk. Haha she thought they meant a drive by shooting, and she was hiding for her life! Poor Sister Da.....! Sooo funny though.

Last night when we were tracting, we found a non-active couple named the Law..........s. He was from Germany, and had a super thick accent, even though he moved to the US about 50 years ago, when he was only 21. They invited us in to talk for a minute, and explained that they didn't like organized religion. Anyways, they did say that they had investigated several religions after they had become less active, and they decided that if they were to go to church, they would go to the Mormon church. They showed us a bunch of Jehovah's Witness pamphlets they had been given  and started talking about how much they dislike that religion, and then he said, "I'd rather go to Hell with a bunch of Mormons than be stuck in Heaven with Jehovah's Witnesses!" Haha I thought that was kinda funny with his super thick German accent! He let us share a scripture and close with a prayer, so I hope we made some sort of positive breakthrough at least.

Well I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all so much!

--Sister Burner

The VC flood from the sprinklers-- Sisters' bailing the water.

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