Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 8, 2013
Re:  Transfers (April 2nd) and New area
We got a ride from soneone in one of the elders' areas, who had a big van and could take a lot of us.  We live in Centerfield, with an older couple.  We cover all the way from Fayette through Gunnison, Centerfield, Axtell, Salina, down to Richfield... and all of the little towns in between and around. CRAZY huge area, and we have to be super careful with our miles.
Re:  General Conference
We watched conference with members, in English.  Later we watched Elder Holland's talk in Spanish with an investigator. I LOVED Elder Holland's talk, and President Uchtdorf's.  They were all really good!
Re:  Branches serving in
We cover two branches, one in Richfield and one in Axtell.  We hardly ever go o Richfield though because it is so far away and we have to watch our miles.  We eat with members about half of the time.  So far it has been American members that go to the branch, but we have dinner with some of our Hispanic investigators coming up.
Re:  New companion-- Hermana Hernandez
My companion is still learning English.  But that's okay, we meet in the middle between English and Spanish.

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