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April 29, 2013
Hola familia y amigos!
Story time!
This last Thursday we had a district meeting down in Richfield, so after we were done we came home and ate lunch, then headed out to contact the first person of the day (we didn't have a lesson scheduled until 8 that night).  We drove over and parked in front of the Gunnison Post Office and we both got ot of the car.  Just as Sister Hernandez was getting her things out of the backseat, someone called us, and as she answered the phone she absent-mindedly closed the car door.  With the keys inside.  And all of the doors locked. ...Yeah.
We called Elder Woolley (he is the senior missionary in charge of the cars in our mission) and he said that he would drive up to bring the spare key.  So we set out walking from place to place, which kind of reminded me of the primary song that says, "Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked... aaaaaand walked!" Only I guess our verson would go something like, "Las misioneras sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked....aaaaaand walked!"  Anyways, we walked for over 4 hours, going from one end of Gunnison to the opposite end of Centerfield.  Craziness.  Tender mercies though: 1, the weather was perfect. 2, we ate dinner with the Smiths that night, and they always drive us around for the rest of the night so that we can save miles.  Oh, and 3, we were too lazy to go to the gym that morning, so we weren't as exhausted as we could have been!
Around 8:30 we called Elder Woolley again because he still hadn't shown up, and he told us that he had decided not to come up afterall and that he would give us a call in the morning.  Wonderful.  So at this point Sister Hernandez was a little stressed because all of her things were still in the car--her memory card, wallet, scriptures, and not to mention the car keys.  I told her that we were in Utah so it would be fine, but she was still worried, so Brother Smith started to make some phone calls.  He ended up on the phone with the Manti Police Department, who said that there was only one officer in the whole area who could break into cars, and he just happened to be on duty in Gunnison.  God loves His sister mssionaries :D
Pretty soon we pulled up to our car, at the same time as both the police officer and a friend of Brother Smith's.  Sister Hernandez was filling out some paperwork as I watched the police officer (guy in his early 30's, I'd guess.) shove some blow-up things under the upper edges of the car door.  I was a lttle worried at this point, so the officer turned to me and said, "Sister, quit worrying.  I'm not going to hurt the car.  My tithing paid for this car."  Haha! Only in Utah.  Anyways, he pumped air into the blow-up things until the edge of the car door was about 3/4 inch off of the car, and then he stuck this long yellow stick inside the car and pushed the unlock button.  The car alarm went off, but we just hurried and found the keys and stuck them in the ignition and it was all good :) It was kind of neat to watch all of that--I felt like I was watching a movie!
So that was the excitement or the week!
Our Branch President was talking to me yeterday about how he had just found out that I was gluten free-- apparently Brother Johnson had mentioned to him that he had driven down to Richfield the day before to get some rice flour, because the new sister missionary was gluten-free.  How nice is that?? We eat at their house every Sunday, so last night he made waffles, with special gluten-free ones for me.  And they were so good.  I just think it was so nice that he went all the way down to Richfield just to get special flour to make me waffles! And he didn't even mention it during dinner. I just feel so blessed :)
Things are a little slow with the work right now.  All of our baptisms look like they will need to be pushed back-- two of them just a couple weeks, and then with Da..... we are still not sure.  But we are meeting with him tonight and we hope that his mom will be there too because we are teaching him about baptism and confirmation, straight from the Bible, which would be good for her to hear.  I keep praying that his parents' hearts will be softened.  He really wants to be baptized! He even rearranged his schedule so that he won't have to do things on Sunday anymore because he wants to make sure he can go to church every week.  AND he fasted on Tuesday.  He is just so great!
Well, I hope everything is going well for all of you! You are all in my prayers every day.
With love,
Hermana Burner 

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