Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 22, 2013
Hola familia y amigos--
Yesterday I gave my first talk in Spanish!! It went great.  My companion and I were the only speakers, so we each had about 20 minutes.  I spoke about how God answers our prayers.  Not perfect, but they could understand what I was saying : )
We stopped by our investigator Da.....'s house this last week, and he told us that after we had left from our last lesson (the super powerful one about the Atonement, I think I mentioned it last week), he had prayed about being baptized.  After he prayed, he went to sleep, and his dream was all about him getting baptized, so he took that as his answer and he for sure wants fo be baptized!  We went to church with him yesterday (not the branch we spoke at, the other one) and the last speaker kinda droned on and on... but afterward we asked him what he thought, and he said "That was awesome!" So great!!  He has been taking seminary this year, and his seminary teacher is amazing, and has been answering Da....'s questions and helping him along the way.  When Da..... asked his parents to be baptized his dad said no, and when he brought it up with his seminary teacher the next day Bro. Ca....... mentioned fasting about it.  So after Sacrament on Sunday, Da.... says to us, "My dad doesn't want me to get baptized until I am 18... but I was wondering, could you teach me about fasting?  I heard about it, and I think it will help."  How sweet is he?? We are going over to his house tonight to have a lesson on it, using great examples like Esther and the sons of Mosiah.  And 1 Nephi 3:7.
Can I just say that I am SO grateful for the Priesthood!! We were going through a hard time this week with this member who has been bullying one of our investigators to push his baptismal date back so that he can be there.  We told him that we had prayed about it, but he continued to text and call us, saying really rude and inappropriate things.  I was really shaken up by the things that he was saying to me (my companion didn't completely understand what he was saying because it was in English), so I asked the elders to give me a blessing, and as soon as Elder Eggen began the blessing, I felt the Spirit wash over me like an invisible, comforting blanket.  It was amazing.
I went to my first Quincenera on Saturday!  All of the Hispanics were going to be there, so we figured we would go and do some contacting, which worked out great because we were able to meet and talk to a lot of people there!  As well as do some service by helping them set up (some of the people we teach were in charge of decorating).  It was way fun! We left before the dancing started though, of course.
I love you all!  Thanks for all of your letters and emails and prayers :)
Con amor,
Hna. Burner 

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