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March 4, 2013
Hola Familia y Amigos!
Tuesday, we had a lesson with a family we have been teaching (we've been teaching the four kids) on the ten commandments. We have tricks to remember each commandment, using the number of fingers corresponding to the number of the commandment (for example, for the first one we hold up one finger, pointing upwards, saying that there is only one God. For number six, we use three fingers on each hand to make guns, which we then put in our pockets, meaning that we should not kill). We got to number seven, which is do not commit adultery, and we explained it that when a husband and wife go to a party, they always come home together, not with anyone else--so they don't have any other boyfriends or girlfriends, just their spouse. Then one of the seven year old girls said, "My mommy did that!" And everyone looked at the mom and she looked super embarrassed...and then I was just like "Anyways...number seven is don't commit adultery. Number eight is..." Haha it was way awkward, but it blew over just fine and we continued with the lesson.
Wednesday we tracked a trailer park that we hadn't been to in a while, and we ran into this really nice lady named Ke....., who is even tinier than me! She must weigh about 50 pounds. Anyways, she was super enthusiastic and invited us back to have a lesson on Saturday. At our lesson on Saturday, we introduced the Book of Mormon to both Ke..... and her husband, Ti..... He used to be a pastor for a different religion, and it turns out that he has read through the Book of Mormon before and says that he couldn't find one speck of heresy in it.  It all compliments what the Bible says. (Amen!) They have been going to the Baptist church, but Ti.... told us that they quit going about a month ago because they were at a Bible study and everyone started bashing on the Mormons, and it really upset him, so he got up and called them all self-righteous and left. Wow! He ranted to us for a minute about how he has had Mormon missionaries come by several times, and he has never heard a bad word out of their mouths about any other religion, and he thinks that The Book of Mormon is good. He talked for a really long time, and I am surprised he didn't just talk himself into baptism right there! Ti.... and Ke..... have been attending an LDS 12 Step Program in Ca..... D..... for three years, and they think it is wonderful. We invited them to come to church yesterday, and Ke..... came! Ti..... didn't come because he is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, but we are hoping to get him out to church next week. Everything is looking so good, and I hope and pray that everything goes well with teaching this sweet couple!
Sister Kim taught me this cute trick for remembering our baptismal covenants. CTR--keep His Commandments, Take His name upon us, and always Remember Him. Isn't that neat?
On Thursday we had a really neat lesson with Ch...... on faith (Ch...... is the one that goes to church every Sunday, had a calling as Activity Day leader for 5 years, but hasn't been baptized). Ch...... is best friends with Je..... (Ad..... and Be.....'s mom) so we invited Je..... to come as well. So we had this really powerful lesson with Ch....., Je....., Ad... and Be....--which is awesome because that is a non-member, less-active, and recent convert lesson all in one! We talked about faith and hope and really made an effort to involve everyone, and then at the end we both bore testimony. The Spirit was there for sure. I hope that Je.... and Ch..... can really help each other to build their testimonies and faith in Jesus Christ.
I think that my favorite thing to teach is the Restoration. I love that moment after we share the First Vision, using a picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ apprearing to Joseph in the grove. For a minute we don't say anything; we just let the Spirit speak to those we are teaching, and then we ask them how they would have felt if they were Joseph Smith. It is SO powerful.
Time is running short, so I need to finish up...I love you all so much! Have a great week!
--Hermana Burner

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