Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January 28, 2013
Querido familia y amigos,
Zone Conference this last week was so much fun! I only had last Monday and lunch on Tuesday to learn the song, so it could have been a lot better, but it went well all things considered : ) I played a variation of the hymn "Each Life that Touches Ours for Good." It was a really beautiful arrangement, which hopefully made up for how slow I was playing it and my lack of dynamics ; )
We got to have a little recent convert lesson with Addie and Becca on Thursday! They are SO sweet. Their mom told us that one of them had said earlier, "Mom, I'm really excited to be baptized, but I'm sad because that means that we won't be able to see the missionaries anymore." They are so adorable. We met with them on Thursday just to talk a little more about how they can endure to the end. Sister Chase and I made them each a cootie catcher with little service/prayer/scripture reading ideas, which turned out really cute, and they were all excited because we colored them their favorite colors (purple and orange for Becca, pink and green for Addie). When we left they were still going around playing with them.
Sister Chase and I had an interesting experience the other day when we were tracting down some doors on Main Street--we went up to a house that looked a little run-down and sketchy (alot of them around here look like that though) with a dog house full of cats outside. Nobody answered our knocks, and when we turned around, we saw that a man had parked a nice truck on the side f the street and was coming up the walkway with a woman. He seemed nice and called out, "Hey Sisters! No luck?" We said no and chatted with him for a minute trying to figure out if he knew the people that lived there, but finally he just said, "No, we're here on business." It was only then that Hermana Chase saw the police badge and gun hanging from his belt, so she said, "Well, I can see your badge there so...we'll just let you take over here." So we moved on to the next house, but that was sooo sketchy! Haha I don't know if we will go back there anytime soon.
Mom, that completely made our day when we got your package! I'm pretty sure that you're Hermana Chase's favorite now. She said she hadn't had salsa that good since before her mission. Plus we are both in love with those long post-its that you sent us at Christmas time! They fit perfectly in our planners and we can write more on them than normal ones.
We challenged 5 people to be baptized this week! Four were from that family we picked up a couple weeks ago, and they didn't seem too committed--but we'll work on them a little more : ) It will be such a neat day when they are baptized. We aso challenged this elderly lady named S... to be baptized on Feb. 23, and she didn't even act surprised! She just reacted as if it was just the next natural step. It was so great! And before we left she had already told her son who was in the other room, and he didn't act very suprised about it either. I guess it was just a matter of time : ) Teaching her has been so great--she is super talkative, so sometimes it's hard to get a word in edgewise, but she just seems so prepared. All of her beliefs are in line with what the Gospel teaches, and everything we teach just seems to make so much sense to her.
Well, I hope everything is going well for everyone! I love you all. Have a great week!
--Hermana Burner

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