Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 7, 2013
Hola Familia!
I hope everyone is starting off the new year well! I've been a little sick lately, just enough that my mind has been completely gone and Hermana Chase has had to teach mostly by herself....But it's better that way because when I was still attempting to participate, I tried to schedule an appointment for P-day and who knows what else.  I got a blessing from my zone leaders and district leaders last Thursday though, and it has been a lot better since then.
Transfers are this next week, and Hermana Chase still has her hopes up that maybe we will be transferred out of Huntington. I'm 95% sure we are just going to stay here though. I don't want to leave because the work is finally starting to pick up and we are developing stronger ties with the members here.
Hermana Chase and I are still trying to find some snow boots. We went to Walmart and Payless last week and they were both out of any in our sizes, so we are going to try to find some again next week, maybe at Kmart or Big Five. Thank goodness Price has stores!
New Years was SO much fun. The Zone Leaders found a family in Helper (that's their area) who let us use their TV, which turned out to be this huge home theater. With two rows of recliners and a sound system made our chairs vibrate. It was sawesome! I brought muddy buddies and the elders brought popcorn, and after the movie we played phase 10. It was super fun :) Our district is meeting up again later today to play some sports.
I've been kinda avoiding mentioning investigators since I always thought that was the most boring part of missionary emails, but it seems like you really want to know so....here ya go. We have been teaching this man named "T..." who is probably in his 60's, and the sisters have been teaching him for about a year now. He is finally (hopefully) getting off parole this next week, and he is super excited that he can finally be baptized. We had him meet with the Bishop yesterday because we aren't sure what he was on parole for, and he will have to be interviewed by the mission president, so we still have a bunch of things to do to prepare for his baptism. But we are praying that everything turns out well!
"A..." and "B...." are two adorable 9-year-old redheaded twins. Their family hasn't been to church in a while, but they have gone the last two weeks, so things are looking good for their baptims on Jan. 19th! They are so cute and love to learn. They are a little shy, but Sister Chase thinks they want to grow up to be just like me...the first time I met them, one of them said, "I think you're pretty!" Haha, it was cute. They just have this pure innocence and goodness about them, and I know that they are going to be amazing examples of disciples of Christ to their family and friends.
There are more, of course, but I am running out of time so I will have to just tell you about a couple in each email. I've also gotten to visit with some ex-polygamists who belong to the FLDS church. They just say that they "respect what [we] are doing, and have very similar beliefs, but prefer to practice on [their] own." Maybe someday we can convert them :)
Love you all very much!
Hermana Burner

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