Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Language Test

Today, on my lunch break, I returned a phone call from the MTC to do a language evaluation. In other words, they needed to see how well I speak Spanish so that they know where to place me when I get to the MTC. Depending on how people do on this evaluation, they are either placed in beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels of learning Spanish. I was super nervous, so it took me a few days to gather the courage to return their phone call!

They started off with easy questions ("Como estas?" "Que te gusta hacer?"), and then moved on to harder questions that required different tenses. I felt like I did okay on most of them--the only one I kind of stumbled on was "Why did you decide to serve a mission?" because I really need to learn my gospel vocabulary! It's hard to think of all the right words when you feel so on the spot.

BUT, I think I must have done rather well in spite of that because they told me that they were going to be putting me in the Advanced level. That means that I will only be in the MTC for three weeks! Plus a week for tours, since I will be working in the St. George Visitors' Center. It is just such a neat feeling to know that I am fluent enough in a foreign language that I don't even need to be taught it in the MTC!

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  1. Thanks! I am planning on taking the test in Korean, I really do need to learn gospel words, but its nice to have an idea off whats asked!