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June 3, 2013-- Progress in Axtell!

June 3, 2013
Hola familia y amigos!
This last week was good! Especially Sunday. We saw three of our investigators in our Axtell Branch (we didn't go to Elsinore this week.  We decided to trade off weeks).  One of them, M......, just came to talk to the Branch President for a minute because he had to go to work.  We didn't get more than a minute to chat with him, but afterwards we talked with  President G..... and he said, "He is definitely on for June 29th."  Awesome.  Apparently President gave him a blessing while he was in his office, and the Spirit was there pretty strong.
Our investigator, K......, got to go to Youth Conference this last week!  It was sooo great.  He lives with his aunt and uncle here in Ce................, and his cousins V........ and F....... we use as fellowshippers all the time.  F...... served a mission in Idaho (he was a seminary convert), and V...... is W......'s companion as a service missionary (F.......'s parents converted while he was on his mission, and then he baptized V........ when he got home).  Anyways, F........ is the YM Pres. in the branch, so both he and V..... went with K..... and it was an amazing experience for everyone.  All the youth in the ward adopted K..... Then, yesterday, K..... fasted and bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting!! It was so great! And it was his birthday yesterday, so the Branch President's wife made cake which the whole branch stayed after the meetings to eat.  It was just so great! Everything is so much easier and smoother when the ward/branch fellowships investigators!
Ra....... is amazing.  I think he has been a member all his life, he just didn't know it and wasn't baptized yet.  Every time we teach him, I feel like he is actually teaching us.  He participates in Sunday classes as if he had been in those classes his whole life! Ahhh! He is just so great!  We are teaching him the Law of Chastity tonight.  I have never been so excited to teach someone about chastity!! We were planning out the lesson in Comp Study this morning, and it should be so great.
President called the other morning to talk to us.  Apparently, Monroe Stake (that is where our Elsinore branch is) requested to have a full-time set of Spanish missionaries in the area, so President wanted to know what we thought about it.  I told him that I definitely think that there is enough work in the area, but that there wouldn't be enough work here in Axtell.  So he is thinking to make Gunnison Stake bilingual, and have them cover the Spanish work in Salina as well, and then have Spanish missionaries just for the Elsinore Stake.  He also hinted that he might need one or both of us to train soon so.... This next transfer call should be really exciting! There will probably be lots of changes! I am soooo excited!
Have a great week!!
--Hermana Burner

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