Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 18, 2013
Hola familia y amigos--
Happy Pi day a few days late!! Haha we had a district meeting on Pi day, and it was so much fun. I didn't have the ingredients to make pie, so I made cupcakes and put little pi symbols on each of them, and gave them to all the elders in my district. And my landlord.  And the non-member math teacher here in Huntington.  I am such a nerd. But it's a charming nerdiness, right? ; )
Grandma-- I got your letter on Friday, and was reading about all of the famous or influential people that that man told you came from Huntington...and when I read about E.... G., who was Associate Dean of Humanities at BYU and has degrees from Stanford, I started cracking up because we just happened to be on our way to his house to return the cupcake pans we had used to make the pi day cupcakes! It was so funny! I never thought about him being influential or anything. He and his wife take us to our district meetings in Price every week, and to Taco Bell afterwards. They even took us down to Salina for Zone Conference once. They are really good people!
Sister Kim and I spoke in Sacrament meeting again yesterday, but in 4th ward this time. It's funny how, for example, one of the wards we went to had 5 speakers (a whole family), but whenever we speak, it's just us speaking! It's a little nerve wracking, trying to make sure we take up the whole time.  But it went super smooth yesterday.  Sister Kim spoke on the birth of Christ, and I spoke about the Atonement. I used a talk by Elder C. Scott Grow (that always reminds me of that kids' book See Spot Run) from the May 2011 Ensign, called The Miracle of the Atonement.  You all should read it, it is way good!
We went to visit a man named Hermano Du.... (he only speaks Spanish), whose daughter (11) and granddaughter (10) are not members, so once in a while we go share a spiritual thought with them.  As we were about to leave, his granddaughter came up to me and said, "You talk like you are from Spain." She is officially my favorite :)
Sorry this e-mail is short! I hope you all have a great week :)
-- Hermana Burner

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