Friday, November 30, 2012

(excerpts from letters that arrived in the mailbox-- written November 24, 2012)
..... So, since my companion leaves on Monday, I will be the last sister left in my zone. So, by default, my branch president asked me to be the coordinating sister.  Some of the elders in my zone were congratulating me, and I said "Yeah, because it is so hard to coordinate myself!" To which Elder Sheeder responded, "Well you do do a good job of it." Haha :)  Some of these elders are just so awesome!
The other day I overheard a random elder complaining about the prices at the bookstore, and he said, "And stamps are like 41 cents each! What the heck?" To which someone awkwardly informed him was kind of standard... LOL! Oh, elders. Bless their mothers.
Love you!
---Hna Burner

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